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Parents Teacher Association
The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) of the college provides remarkable support to the activities of the institution. The PTA assists the overall development of students by extending financial and other supports to the curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities of students.  

Aims and Objectives
  • Promoting good/positive relationships between teachers, students, staff, parents/ guardians and to establish a partnership between them
  • Ensure high academic standards and enables the smooth working of the college.
  • Help the colleges to institute several scholarship schemes, Infrastructural Facilities etc. for the benefit of students.
The PTA has a two-tier constitution (i) General Body including all faculty members and parents or guardians and (ii) an Executive Committee of elected members from the General Body. The General Body of the PTA meets annually and the Executive Committee members meet periodically to transact business.

The powers and responsibilities vested on the General Body are:
  • Approve rules and regulations for fund collections, institution of scholarships, prizes, and awards to students etc. proposed by the Executive Committee.
  • Approve annual report of the association
  • Approve audited statements of accounts for the current year submitted by the Executive Committee
  • Approve amendments of rules and regulations proposed by the Executive Committee
  • Elect office bearers of the association for the ensuing year, in the annual meeting
  • Approve the budget for the ensuing year proposed by the Executive Committee, in the annual meeting
  • Put forward suggestions for the improvement of academic standards/ infrastructural facilities and to point out shortcomings, if any, in the administration of the institution / functioning of the PTA Executive etc.
The administrative power of the PTA is vested on the Executive Committee with the following constitution:
  • The President: the Principal or faculty in-charge of Principal of the institution
  • A Vice-President: a parent (not guardian) elected from the General Body
  • Secretary: a permanent teacher, elected from among the approved regular teaching staff
  • Joint Secretary: a parent (not guardian) elected from the General Body
  • Treasurer: a permanent teacher, elected from among the approved regular teaching staff
  • Not more than 4 parents (not guardian) in the General Body out of which at least one shall be a woman, be as elected members
  • Not more than 4 teachers out of which at least one shall be a woman, be as elected members.

Present office bearers
President: Dr. Sayyid Muhammed Shakir P
Vice President: E. Abdu Rahiman Neetanimmal
Secretary: Abdul Muneer Poonthala
Joint Secretary: Mahboob Kopilan
Members (Teachers)
Dr. Basheer Mancheri
Dr. N. Muhammed Ali
Prof: KP. Abdu Rasheed
Dr. Muhammed Basheer C.K
Dr. T.P Muhthasim Billah
Members (Parents)
Sameera P.P
Musthafa Karakkunnu C.
K.P Muhammed


Dr. Sayyid Muhammed Shakir President
Abdul Azeez Kalathil Thodi Vice President
Dr.Abdul Muneer Poonthala Secretary