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Arabic Club

An Arabic club is a place for students to use Arabic in fun environment. It provides a lively forum for the discussion and exchange of ideas in Arabic and helps students by creating an environment that will foster their development and growth in Arabic Language and literature. The Club Conducts programs and events that positively contribute to develop creativity of students for drafting poems, article, translation works, designing, publications, drawing, calligraphy. The Arabic Club acts as a resource to the whole campus community and represents the Arabic culture in the best possible manner. Moreover the Arabic club will encourage and support students to help each other’s to achieve the club activities.
Arabic Club Celebrates each December either as the season of Arabic language (موسم العربية ) or Month of Arabic language (شهر العربية)  as a part of International Arabic day celebration. on 18 December and the club organizes various programmes such as Translation Expo, Poster Making ,E-magazine , Arabic Calligraphy ,Arabic Scrabbling,  Arabic News Reading, Video Editing, Ukkaz Arabic exhibition, MCC memorial Inter collegiate Quiz Contest ,Essay writing, Teaching competition, National MCC elocution contest etc. 

Vision: The aim of the club is to motivate the students into Arabic Language. 

Mission: The club has lots of different activities that promote and motivate the students and let them get to their full potential in Arabic language.

  • To help students by creating an environment that will foster the development and growth of Arabic Language in the Campus.
  • To provide an Arabic platform for literary events and competitions.
  • To promote the students’ creative, intellectual and critical thinking.
  • To Organize and participate in Arabic seminars and conferences.
  • To inculcate among students a flair for the language and enhance their literary skills
  • To encourage and motivate students to display their oratory skills, dramatic skills, independent thinking skills, creative writing skills and imbibe a sense of confidence in Arabic.
  • To develop listening and speaking skills of the students
  • To create a relaxed environment for the students.
  • To improve the organizing skills of students.


Arabic Club at a Glance
مجلة طوى 2017 (نادي العربية)


Dr.Nishad Ali V Convener Assistant Professor
Muhsina V Joint Coordinator Assistant Professor
Jazeel C K Member Assistant Professor