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Malayalam Club

Malayalam Club
It was formed to promote better comprehension of Malayalam language and literature.
Vision: The aim of the club is to motivate the students into Malayalam Language.
Mission: The club has lots of different activities that promote and motivate the students and let them get to their full potential in Malayalam language.

  • To encourage and motivate students to display their different skills in Malayalam
  • To provide a Malayalam platform for literary events and competitions.
  • To gives opportunity to the students to develop their skills such as aesthetic sense, reading habits, academic excellence etc.
  • To gain a mastery over Malayalam language and vocabulary by creating a platform for discussion and deliberation of literature.
  • To plan and implement various programmes in such a way that students feel proud of their mother tongue.
  • To organize seminars, workshops, invited lectures, debates on literary and contemporary topics in Malayalam etc.
  •  To gives awareness to the students about the eminent writers in Malayalam literature
  • To help the learner to understand the various facets of life, language and Culture.
  • To develop listening and speaking skills of the students in Malayalam.


Club Activities


Saeeda Pilathottathil Coordinator Assistant Professor
Dr.Muhammed Basheer. C.K Asst. Coordinator Assistant Professor