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National Service Scheme of the College (NSS)
The college has been following a well planned system for inspiring students in the social service and allied activities.It provides a good opportunity to students to engage different social service activities through two NSS Units of the college.NSS conducts seven days special camps every year by selecting different localities.It adopted a Harijan Colony for the two years special camp and extended outstanding services to the people of the Colony.
NSS volunteers with the financial support of the well wishers of the college constructed a House to a needy in the colony at Nediyiruppu.During the flood time, NSS volunteers engaged in different flood rehabilitation services both psychologically and physically.Our volunteers collected fund for the relief of the flood affected people in Wayanad and utilized the amount to pay off their house rent.We could participate our volunteers in different social oriented services by rendering invaluable services through Pain and Palliative Center, GIFBI and Ability.The students got an opportunity to understand the social situations of the deprived differently abled people of the society and thereby to develop such a mental development.


Dr. C.M Sabir Navas Programme Officer, NSS
Dr. Muathasim Billah. TP Programme Officer, NSS