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Remedial Coaching

Madeenathul Uloom Arabic College is systematically maintains a mechanism of mentor-mentee. in which every student of the college can share their personal, social and educational merits and demerits to their mentors. Remedial teaching means providing instructional correctives. It is a process of removing the pupils' learning distortions or subject matter difficulties that have crept into the understanding and concept and use of that subject while learning. It is essential for a remedial teacher to understand thoroughly the strengths and weaknesses of their pupils so that appropriate teaching approaches can be adopted to meet their individual needs. With proper remedial help, the use of stimulating teaching strategies, and closer supervision and more individual attention, these pupils’ interest in learning will be aroused and they would make better progress. The ultimate aim of remedial teaching is to help pupils who have fallen behind to learn to the best of their ability and to bring them back into the mainstream classes as far as possible. Objectives of remedial teaching
  • To provide learning support to students who lag far behind their counter parts in academic performance.
  • To strengthen their confidence and enhance the effectiveness of learning.
  • To make foundation for pupil’s lifelong learning.
  • Help them to develop positive attitudes and values, as well as prepare them for future studies and career.
  • To help the students with learning difficulties and some psychological needs.
  • To maintain a supportive study system between advanced learners and slow learners.


IBRAHIM PK Convener Assistant Professor
DR.MUHAMMMED BASHEER CK Member Assistant Professor
SAEEDA PILATHOTTATHIL Member Assistant Professor
ABDU RAHMAN Member Assistant Professor