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English Club

The English club at MUAC is a vibrant and dynamic space for all the young minds eager to learn the language. Apart from ensuring the language competency of our student community, we focus on critical thinking, writing, public speaking, and using the language in daily life. The members of the club reinvent themselves in English with various learning sessions. They love to talk, learn and experience the beauty of the language. At the English club, the doors of learning are opened to all levels of learners to enjoy the language. Besides organising highly inspiring and resourceful sessions with eminent experts, the club organizes creative writing coach sessions each year. English club envisions each member using the language to express themselves free of fear and hesitation.

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  • To develop love and passion towards English language and literature.
  • To achieve mastery in the nuances of English language and its usage.
  • To communicate in English with confidence and fluency
  • To listen, speak, read and write in the language with accuracy, clarity and precision.
  • To read popular books (fiction and nonfiction) in the language.
  • To foster creative and logical thinking and to debate current issue and problems.
  • To improve and enrich vocabulary.
  • To fly on the wings of imagination and attempt creative writing.
  • To use language (spoken and written) for day-to-day purposes both formal and informal.
  • To edit and publish magazines and journals.


  • The English club will meet weekly either in the morning from 9am to 10 am or in the evening from 40:15 pm to 5 pm.
  • The programme for the meetings will be decided by the executive body after consulting the teacher coordinator.
  • Each member can suggest ideas and agenda to any member of the executive body or to the teacher coordinator.
  • The secretary is to convene the meetings. Date, time and venue to be decided after consulting the president and the teacher coordinator.
  • The five- member executive should meet before every meeting and should assign duties and charges to members.
  • The members are to abide by the instructions of the executive body.
  • If the members have any grievances regarding the office- bearers, they can approach the teacher coordinator for the redressal.
  • All the members should be active participants in all the activities of the club. Delinquency, absence and absconding, lack of punctuality, misbehavior, haphazard participation etc. will not be tolerated. If instances of the above are reported, the teacher coordinator will take appropriate punitive action including suspension of membership.
  • The tenure of the executive body is one academic year. If any vacancy arises during this period, the same will be duly filled by co-opting from among the members.
  • The medium of communication and transactions is English.
  • To meet the incidental expenses of running the club, a fund has to be maintained. The executive body will decide the mode of raising fund.


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Prof. K.P Abdurasheed Coordinator Assistant Professor
Hafsath Udumbra Asst. Coordinator Assistant Professor