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English Club

English is the language of international communication; keeping this in mind, MUAC has taken an initiative   to enhance and enrich the English competency of our student community;. English club, a platform for anglophiles, is the offshoot of this innovative thinking. The club helps nurturing the confidence in students and eliminating their stage fright so that they can freely face any audience. The club members, renders the MUA Student community a platform to build up their personality and strengthen their cultural competency. The members in the club assemble twice in a month after the regular classes. The sessions are conducted through certain activities based on all the four skills. Considering the poor communication skills of the students, the club provides ample opportunities to them to communicate formally as well as informally.
Club objectives:
1.To create English speaking environment in college campus
2.To help avoiding stage fright through different activities
3.To instill confidence to use the language for communication


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