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Alumni are the ambassadors of the institution. They embody the vision of the college and are the concrete evidence to show the success of our mission. As the college was established as early in 1946, our alumni are a heterogeneous group belonging to different generations. It is our pride that the college managing committee itself is headed by our own alumni. A bulk of our teaching faculty is also drawn from our own outstanding alumni. The students who graduate from the institution keep up their physical and emotional attachment with their alma mater even after their area of engagement is elsewhere. Their active participation and engagement in the alumni association paves the way for fruitful deliberations and resultant actions to support the steady growth and development of the institution both in quantity and quality.

We have a very vibrant and functional Alumni association. It is one of the major assets of the institution. The students who passed out from the institution are now placed in various prestigious positions home and abroad. The alumni association ensures the linkage between the alumni and the college through various activities and projects aiming at the development of the institution and to the benefit of the students. The alumni regularly offer both financial and human resource support. Financial support is provided to the institution by the alumni by investing in the infrastructure development and also by undertaking personalized student support schemes (by way of free ships). They also provide guidance in career hunting placement. The alumni of the college who are placed in prestigious positions home and abroad become ready to share their expertise and knowhow to our student. Under the aegis of the alumni technical group college conducts employability skill training workshops. Alumni support is further availed to find placements for eligible graduates in similar industries and organizations. Our overseas alumni chapters also guide and facilitate our students to get admission to prestigious universities and colleges abroad to pursue their higher studies and research. The association has chapters, though not registered separately in almost all Middle East countries. The executive committee meets periodically and the general body meets once in a year. The alumni contribution to the institution in the last five years is invaluable and the college administration always tries to sustain the linkage with the alumni by ensuring their participation and engagement in all the major initiatives of the college.

Executive Committee

Name Position
Hussain Ali Parakkal Chairman
Muhammed P.P Vice Chairman
Ahamedkutty Vattaparamban Vice Chairman
Ubaidulla Vice Chairman
Abdul Ahad P.N Vice Chairman
Ishaque Ali Vice Chairman
Abdul Haseeb Vice Chairman
Dr.T.K Yoosuf General Convener
Dr. Abdul Majeed E Convener
M.B Muhammed Convener
Abdul Muneer P Convener
Dr. C.M Sabir Navas Convener
P.T Abdul Azeez Convener
P.T Abdul Azeez Treasurer
Ahammedkutty AP Executive Member
Ali Keeriyadan Executive Member
Muhammed Ubayyu Executive Member
Muhammed Parammal Executive Member
Ahammedkutty M Executive Member
Siraj EI Executive Member
Muhammed Ashraf C Executive Member
Moideen Kutty K Executive Member

Alumni Activities

Project Launching : Alumni Level Interation for mentoring Students [ALIMS]


Alumni Achievers Meet


Global Alumni Meet and Boys Hostel Inaguration


Global Alumni Meet


MCC National Arabic Elocution Contest