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Vision & Mission


  • To grow as an excellent Higher Education Center in oriental languages and disciplines that disseminates knowledge, skills and values catalyzing the upward social mobility of the minorities and marginalized sections of the society in the region.
  • To nurture students with skills and competencies meeting international standards and to equip them for employment requirements globally.


  • Impart quality education and training in the languages, humanities and other disciplines to equip the students with necessary knowledge and skills to take up responsible positions in the globalized employment market.
  • Mould generations with exemplary leadership faculties deeply embedded in moral and spiritual values.
  • Give access and opportunity to higher education for all sections of society, especially the marginalized minorities and weaker sections.
  • Provide education infrastructure enriched by tech tools and web resources keeping up with international standards.
  • Inculcate secular, democratic and pluralistic values in students to make them responsible citizens contributing to national integrity and development.