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Abdu Rasheed KP

Greetings from Madeenathul Uloom, May the peace and mercy of Almighty Allah be upon you.
Madeenathul Uloom Arabic College is a reputed higher education institution with a long-standing legacy as a center of excellence in oriental language and disciplines. Ever since its establishment in the year 1947, the college has stood by its mission to mould generations with exemplary leadership faculties embedded in moral and spiritual values.
The primary beneficiaries of the institution are students hailing from socially and educationally marginalized sections of the society predominantly from the Muslim minority. The student support mechanism in the college is very effective that none of the students are left behind in their academic pursuit due to financial or familial constraints.
The alumni of the college, popularly known as ‘madanis’ have a high visibility in the socio cultural and professional arena both in India and abroad and have appreciably contributed to the college in terms of human resource as well as financial assistance.
The college is striving hard to fulfill its strategic plan to grow and expand further in future. I feel proud to extend a hearty welcome to all the stakeholders to join us in our pursuit towards academic excellence and quality human resource development.