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Dr.Sayyid Muhammed Shakir P

Greetings from Madeenathul Uloom, May the peace and mercy of Almighty Allah be upon you.

Madeenathul Uloom Arabic College, ever since its inauguration in 1946, has contributed immensely to the community, by way of providing quality human resource embedded in moral and spiritual values. The Alumni of the college, popularly known as ‘Madanis’ have marked their imprints in the socio political and professional arena both in India and abroad. With our vision to grow as a centre of excellence in disciplines related to oriental languages and culture, we have successfully pursued our mission to generate and disseminate knowledge during the last 75 years.

The primary beneficiaries of the institution are students hailing from socially and educationally marginalized sections of the society predominantly from the Muslim minority. The unique ambiance provided by the institution is inclusive, scholar friendly, humane and academic.

It is my pleasure and privilege to extend a hearty welcome to all well-wishers, scholars, researchers, students and parents to join us in the pursuit for social change through quality education.