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 Makkah is the holly land


BA III Year 

                          Makkah is the holy land, the most beloved land to Allah and His Messenger Mohammed (        ), the ‘Qiblan’ of the Muslims.    Allah made if Sacred and bestowed respect and Sanctity upon if the day He created the heavens and the earth. In if id the   ka’bah, the first house set up for the worship of Allah on earth. There should not be cut down the trees and plants and the birds are not being disturbed. Makkah derives its Security - as Allah Says:- “..........................whos ever enters it, he affains Security “(3:97) if was in Makkah that Allah’s Messenger (     ) said:-  “By Allah, Your are the best land of Allah, the most beloved land of Allah to Allah. Had I not been driver out of you, I would not have left you”

Ka’bah  Allah Says:- “Allah has made the ka’bah , the Sacred House , an asylum of Security and bene fits for mankind”(5:97) The ka’bah is the Sacred House of Allah in the middle of the mosque . It has been built more than once. The most famous occasions on which it was rebuilt are five. The first time it was built by angles, the Second time it was rebuilt Ibrahim (      ). The Third time it was rebuilt by Quraish during the ‘Jahiliyah’, and this was wifnessed by the prophet (    ) when he was thity - five years old. The fifth time it was by Ibn Az-Zubair (              ) 

How Ibrahim (   ) and Ismail (     ) built the ka’bah

    When Allah Commanded Ibrahim (           ) to rebuilt the ka’bah , Ibrahim Said to his son Ismail (   ) “O Ismail , Allah has Commanded me to build a house here” - nthen Ismail (     ) started to bring the stones and Ibrahim (  ) started  to build . Then when the structure got higher, he brought this stone ( Al-Maqam) and put it down for him. Ibrahim (   )  tood on the stone and Carried on the building work with Isamil (  ) handing the stones up to him. When they Completed the building they said:-  “Or Lord, Accept (this Service) from us. Verily. You are the All-Hearer, the All-knower” (2:127)

How Quraish built the ka’bah   

When the Prophet (    ) was thirty-five years old, ka’bah rebuilt by Quraish. They started to build, until they got to the place where the Black stone was to be put, and then they disputed concerning it, as each tribe wanted to lift the stone and put it into the  place on its Own. They were about to resort to violence and were preparing to fight. At that time, the most senior of them all said: “O Quraish, Come to an agreement concerning that over which you are disputing. Let mosque decide the matter for you”

That frost man to come was Mohammed (      ) when they Saw him,. They Said: “This is Al-Amin we agree to accept Mohammed’s decision”. When he knows what was happening, he said “Bring me a cloak” Then he picked up the stone with his own hands and placed it on the cloak. The he Said: - “Let each tribe take and edge of the cloak and all of you lift it up together” Then he himself put it in its place. Then ka’bah rebuilt by Ibn-Az-Zubair (   ). In- As-Sahihain it is narrated from Aishah (   ) that the prophet said to her.Do you not see that when your people rebuilt the ka’bah they did not built fully on the found ations of Ibrahim?” She Said: “O Messenger of Allah , Why do you not restore it on the foundations of Ibrahim?” Allah’s Messenger Said: Were it not that your people are still so close to the time of ‘kufr’, I would have done that”.

The Incident of the Elephent

Before one year of Prophent’s (    ) Birth , The Ethiopian Abrahah, Who was ruling Yemen had built a church. He wanted to divert the pilgrimage of the Arabs from the ka’bah to this church. The Arabs were angered by that , and a man from kinanah Came and desecerated the church. Abrahah became angry
 and decided to destroy the ka’bah and he set out with the elephant. then , Abrahah brought back the wealth of people and two hundred camels belonging  to the leader of Quraish ‘Abdhul-Muthalib’, when Abdul Muthalib know that , He wanted Abrahah to refurn his camels and said :- “Iam the owner of the camels , and the House has an owner will protect it “ Abrahah returned his camels. then, Abdhul Muthalib Prayed :-“O Allah , Just as your slave would protect his “Property, So Protect your property . Do not let their cross and their power defeat your power tomorrow” When Abrahah entered the Makkah , Allah Sent  againts them birds from the sea , each of which was carrying three stones and through with it and lead Abrahah to death.

Black Stone

There are many ‘Ahadith’ that affirm the virtues of the Black stone and urge us to touch it or kiss it when doing ‘Tawaf ’ Because , it was touched by the hand of the prophet (   ) and kissed you , I would not have kissed you”. Ibn ‘Abbas (  ) narrated that Allah’s Messenger (   ) Said:-“ The Black stone Came down from Paradise and it was whiter than Milk , but the Sins of the Sons of Adam turned it black “

The Well of Zamzam 

The Zamzam is a holy water that Muslims drink it. when the prophent Ibrahim ( ) left his wife and son the Makkah which there was no plants and no water and they want to drink , the mother of Isamil ran for water between As-Safa and Al-Marwah Seven  times but , she can’t found the water. Then , Allah helped them with the Spring of Zamzam. It had many Virtues . So,  Muslims drink it . It had many names other than Zamzam Include :- Al-Shabba’ah ,Barrah , Tibas , Bushra , ‘Awnah, Safiya , Sharab Al-Abrar and other names.

Maqam Ibrahim

 This is the stone on which Ibrahim (     ) stood when he built the ka’bah. Because , That action was one of the most beloved actions to Allah . It was reported In a ‘Sahih’ narrationd from Sa’eed bin Jubair (   ) that the prophet (      ) Said : -  “ The stone is the  station of Ibrahim. Allah made it soft and made it a mercy. Ibrahim would stand on it and Ismail would hand the stones up to him”.Umar bin Al-khattab Said :- My openion was Supported by my Lord in three cases. I said ! “O messenger of Allah , Why do we not take the station of Ibrahim as a place of prayer ? “ Then This verse was revealed :- “ And take you( people) the Maqam of Ibrahim as a place of prayer” (2”125)

 There many holy things and Many Histories in Makkah , the place of prophet’s Birth. Every year Muslims go to Makkah for ‘Hajj’. Allah gave we opportunity for Hajj ............